From The Desk Of: John Clendenning

Dear fellow franchisee,

If you’re in business to sell your services and products, you MUST be in regular and frequent contact with your current customers, clients, and prospects. This is known as "Building Your Fence." Your fence is designed to keep your clients and customers "IN" and the rabid competition who are insistently trying to poach your herd "OUT"!

In the book, No B.S. Direct Marketing, author and marketing genius Dan Kennedy says

"My single biggest recommendation is the use of a monthly customer newsletter. Nothing, and I mean nothing, maintains your fence better."

If you're a typical franchise owner, you've probably invested a great deal of time, money and energy growing your business. Knowing that it costs five times more to attract new customers than it does to keep (and sell more to) current ones, I have a question for you:

"Why has it been months (or longer) since
your customers have heard from you?"

Simply put, not being in frequent contact with your customers is killing your business! Let me ask you...

  • Are you sick and tired of chasing new customers? (you know the ones who only seem to care about “How Much You Charge”?)
  • Are you tired of looking at your bank account each month and wondering where the money will come from to pay your bills?
  • Are you stressed out daily, working your ass off, missing out on family things, or worse, sitting at home because you have no work?
I know because I used to be that business owner! The person who was so inspired by what I thought was going to be my financial freedom with my new business. Then one day I realized I was really chasing cash flow, not making any real money! I’d be dead before I had a chance to enjoy my life if I didn’t do something different!

If any of that reminds you of your current life, then have I got a suggestion for you!

Let’s call it Part 1 of “A Small Business Rescue Formula”. Truth is it’s important to use it all the time, but even more so now with this uncertain economy. It offers you more profits and more business, very easily and with minimal effort… I mean that honestly with all my heart.

Let me explain.

The truth is that for just about any company, the greatest potential for new business and profits lies within its current customer base. That’s right - its current customer base. Yet a majority of companies constantly spend the majority of their marketing efforts and resources on trying to win over new customers.

This Is A Critical And Costly Marketing Mistake!

Let me talk about customer retention versus customer acquisition. (Keeping what you have versus chasing after the "new")

Did you know that the businesses gaining market share the fastest right now are doing so by plugging holes in their operational and marketing systems and thus retaining more customers; this is especially important in this current economy. The dominant strategy at work here is customer retention, NOT customer acquisition. This is huge mindset shift for most companies. Unfortunately some companies never get this mindset shift, and eventually go out of business.

The sooner you understand chasing new prospects and ignoring existing customers is a money losing venture (that will keep your bank account much lower then it should be), the sooner you will be on your way to success.

"It really is difficult to comprehend. I mean, we do a great job
for our customers, we offer incredible service, they are
always happy, but 12 months later they don’t call us??"

The changing point for me was about 3 years into my cleaning business. I had 2 vans on the go, things were good. I had cleaned at this one home myself the past 2 years. We always did a follow up after every call, so I knew they were happy. In fact we even sent out a survey to make sure they had every opportunity to tell us what they thought - good or bad.

So anyway, (I can still remember this 12 years later). I’m cleaning 4 houses down, bringing in my vacuum, and a Rotostatic van shows up at the house I had cleaned at for the past 2 years? Like I said we had done great work, always followed up, so why was Rotostatic there?

Unfortunately, this kind of stuff bugs me!

So much in fact I had to find out why these people would betray me like that. At first I justified everything I could... maybe a family member owned or worked for the other company. Maybe someone else had bought the house?

To make a long story short, I had my wife (who ran the office at that time), make a call to them. Leslie’s very diplomatic and very pleasant to talk to, so she was the right person for the job. It ends up that they just couldn’t remember who had cleaned for them??

"My Jaw Hit The Floor...How Could This Be?"

I did an incredible job, followed up; I did everything right! Or so I thought!

Here’s what I learned from that, and something I am sharing with you right now, that may be a turning point in your business and life, I hope it is...

I was arrogant to think that my cleaning and my service was so great that nothing else was needed to keep my customers from calling someone else 12 – 18 months after I had cleaned for them! The worst part was, I couldn’t stop wondering how many more of my customers were doing the same thing??

Imagine every year 10, 20, 50 ...who knows, pick a number of customers were calling someone else because I was arrogant! Way back then my job average was around $145.00. Think about the thousands of dollars I lost each year!

It was at that point I committed to doing a better job of keeping my customers in my fence, and keeping more of the money I worked hard for, for me and my family!

I bet you’ve experienced something like this before, I know you must have, and it SUCKS!

So what have you done about it?  

Most sales reps and advertising folks are actually taught to sell the "magic pill" that instantly and effortlessly cures all your problems and provides a one-size-fits-all solution to reach your dream business. However, aren't you getting just a bit tired of  guaranteed results that deliver almost nothing in the end?

Which of These Customer Retention
Methods Are Wasting Most of
Your Time and Money?

YellowPage Advertising - I only put this one first because I hear it all the time. "I spend gobs of money to have one of the biggest or best ads in the YellowPages so I know my customers can find me there."  ARE YOU FREAKIN' NUTS!! You NEVER want your customers to go searching for you in the same place all of your competition hangs out. If you could, you should want to rip the carpet cleaning section out of all of your customers phonebooks so they never have the chance of accidentally going there and calling the wrong company.

Neighborhood Fliers - Ok, this one is not quite as silly as the first example but really - fliers are meant to provide a great, compelling reason for NEW customers to give you a try.  The type of message you use to entice a new customer and what you should be doing and saying to build a deep relationship with your existing clients is entirely different. You just can't expect fliers to serve as a customer retention tool.

Database Postcard Mailings - O.K. now you're at least hitting the right crowd - so that's plus. And for those with deep pockets, paying for regular snazzy postcard to go out may seem like a good idea. But here's the problem with this idea - postcards in business are typically used to make an offer and / or pitch your wears - right?  So how much product and service pitching do you think your current clients will tolerate before your postcards are doing the opposite of relationship building?  My guess is not very much.

Annual Reminder Mailings - Awesome! A reminder can certainly generate decent action and keep some of your customers on a very regular schedule. I always recommend any service business have a systemized, solid, multi-step reminder system.  But reminding someone about their last service visit and giving them an offer to use you again in "your" desired timeframe is a far cry from what you should be doing which is - nurturing the relationship with them over a period of months and years, being seen as a trusted advisor and friend and their go-to source for advice on all of the services you offer.  Do you see the difference?

Whether You're Using Any or All Of These Marketing Methods, You Are Still Missing Out On One of the Most Profitable, Time Tested and Proven Method of All Time...

So, here’s the real simple and easy part of what I learned about and then implemented in my business to stop that from happening EVER AGAIN...


Being in REGULAR and FREQUENT contact with your customers, prospects, and clients in a meaningful and welcomed way is essential to your business growth and profitability. Every smart, profitable business has a strong "fence" around their customers. A fence is designed to keep your customers in close where you can grow and strengthen the relationship – maximizing the profitability of these relationships by doing more repeat and referral business.

Super successful business owner and International renowned marketing expert Bill Glazer puts it this way:

"Who should be sending out newsletters to their customers / clients / patients / prospects?
The answer is EVERYBODY!!! That’s right; there is not a business on the
planet that couldn’t benefit BIG TIME with a monthly company newsletter."

If that's true (and it IS) then why doesn’t every business use one? That is an easy question to answer.

Newsletters can be difficult and time consuming to produce. That is why most companies that actually do have a “monthly” newsletter only send it out only three to four times per year!

In survey after survey the top two reasons given are...
  1. They take too long to produce, and
  2. I’m Always Struggling for Content (get this part wrong and your newsletter ends up in the trash)
The 3rd reason is I don’t have time. And as a small business owner I battled with all 3 reasons for a long, long, time.

At first I was excited and so was Leslie, so the first 3 month’s, no problem - we were newsletter experts (or so we thought).  "Heck, this won't be that hard," we thought.  Sure they were A LOT of work and sure it was a royal pain in the a** but we sent them out on time and...

Well after our initial excitement and euphoria wore off, other "more important" things seemed to get in the way and our monthly newsletter became a bi-monthly ...and then quarterly ...and then...  well you get the picture.

I’m speaking from experience here, the results are rewarding for a lifetime, but the effort of finding content, designing the page, printing, stuffing and sending is draining.

Or At Least It Use To Be!

With the help of John and working with some other wise business people, we found and contracted the services of a seasoned copywriter, journalist and direct response master to write our newsletters, and I got to tell you - it was the best investment I have ever made in my cleaning business - HANDS DOWN!

A true "No Hassle” monthly client newsletter - who would of thought!

So for over 2 years now John and I, along with a group of other savvy business owners, pay a monthly fee to one of the top newsletter writers in the industry. We researched around for over 6 months and talked with far too many providers that say they offer this type of marketing?!? The one thing we found is that most are junk and appear slapped together.  

We chose the fellow we finally found because of his understanding of relationship marketing and his willingness to adapt and provide interesting content, involvement devices and subtle triggers that would have our customers wanting to read it month after month.

That’s awesome in itself because no other provider was willing to adapt, but even better for me (the non techy guy) was how simple of a format is used for me to work with. I mean it actually takes me 8 minutes each month to; open the file,  personalize it and have it ready for printing!!

John and I branded ours the HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ and our clients just love it!

You're probably thinking...

"That's great guys, but what does
any of this have to do with me?"

Well here's the interesting part.  A short while ago we were having a strategy call with our newsletter copywriter and discussed with him our concerns that, from our conversations with the network, many franchisees just weren't doing enough to not only survive but continue to grow during any economic slowdown.  We told him that it wasn't that we felt our fellow franchisees were lazy or anything but that they just weren't sure what to do.

As the conversation progressed we shared with him how we know our monthly client newsletter was the #1 marketing tool and backbone of each of our businesses, and helped us to sustain our steady growth. Then we asked if he would be willing to give us the o.k. to bringing this awesome client retention and referral tool to the entire network.

To be honest, he thought long and hard about it for a while.  

You see, we shopped around a lot before finding our current provider several years ago. I’ve seen others offering services for newsletters, the prices typically range from $99/ month to $149/ month, and none offer the ability to adapt the newsletter the way John and I wanted. So to be frank, it was a bit of a battle to convince the provider to de-value his newsletter so we could share it with you and while he agreed with the idea and recognized the need, he did put in some conditions on us.

Next, we had to pass this idea by the other business owners we share this program with already.

At First EVERYONE Was A Bit Sceptical

As with most people, when you have something good, why would you want to share it?? After a few emails and a conference call, we convinced all parties it was completely acceptable and the right thing to do to let other have access to our newsletter.

Just to be clear, right now I pay monthly for our newsletter - not to mention the retainer costs associated with having a first class writer to work for us who actually gets the psychology of readership and customer relationship building.  The deal we struck will actually decrease the monthly costs by 30% ...but only for the businesses who sign on right now.

I will continue to use the newsletter each month and I’ll continue to pay what we pay now (which is a lot more than the rate we are making it available to you at), no questions asked. But Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool! If we get more businesses to get involved with this great and necessary database retention tool and we may actually save ourselves a bit of money on the retainer and such, then heck, why not!!

I want to be very clear; there is no underlying agenda here.  It’s a monthly newsletter that we know you need and we need, and we can all get it at a better price if we work as a group! That’s it!

But HAVING a newsletter is really only the first step.

Setting up an easy and effective system that is so quick and brain-dead simple to follow that you actually DO get your newsletters out the door each and every month is quite another.

Between John and me, we’ve gone through and shared all types of processes and systems over the last 10 years to help make sure our constant stream of client nurturing communications goes out as easily and consistently as possible.  And when it comes right down to it, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to simplify and maximize these puppies so we can get the maximum benefit with the very least amount of effort.

After all, if it ain’t easy your probably not going to do it over the long haul (neither would I) - and it’s the consistency that is the true SECRET behind the successes seen with monthly client newsletters.

And that’s why we promise that...

We’re not going to leave you hanging

You see, we’re not just interested in just dumping our truly awesome newsletter on your lap each month and leaving it to you to figure out exactly who to send it to, what's the best way to get it printed, how to save tons of money on postage, how to add your personal touches and so on.

Nope, that would be just plain mean.

So I decided I'd be willing to host a NEWSLETTER CLUB. And I am also going to throw in a few BONUS GIFTS to make sure that you get up and running with this program right away, get your first issue out by this time next month and see the complete value in your monthly newsletter retention program right away.

Let me explain:


You're going to get a FREE ready to personalize issue of next months HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™, to review and use with your database. Like I mentioned earlier typical monthly newsletters are $99 to $149 each and every month. You get to try out one that has been tested to your type of customers, for over 3 years now, brining in a predictable monthly revenue stream, all year long  -  FOR FREE!!

But obviously that’s not all…


I am also going to provide you with an introductory Newsletter Master Class Call to teach you everything we know about marketing with newsletters, answer your questions and make sure your first issue goes out the door without a hitch. 

As you can imagine, this has a cost for John and I. First there is our time investment (which I for one prefer to be very selfish with) and of course the conference line costs. But if we are going to work as a team and get our franchises making some serious growth, then I want to share what I can and also get your feed back so I can increase my own sales.


Since John is the techy and since we both understand that the US is a big country with various time zones, we both thought it would be good to record all the calls and keep them available for you to reference at any time. Even when you are on the calls it's often helpful to replay them and catch what you've missed. I know I download any calls I’m on to my iPod and listen to them again 2 and 3 times -- and I always catch an extra idea.

So again, at our cost, no additional cost to you, this service will be available.


One of the first questions you will have is; "How do I put special offers in my newsletter?"

Now newsletters themselves are best used as relationship and retention devices BUT done properly, with the right tone and layout etc. providing exclusive offers to your clients through your newsletter has generated anywhere from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars from just one issue.  So I will host a call and provide a report dedicated to Newsletter Inserts That Sell and well be including some examples of inserts that have worked for us over the years

So you'll get free samples of inserts that we’ve developed and tweaked over time that work for us and a special call on inserts hosted on our line -  all at no cost to you!!


The above items comprise just the introduction to the NEWSLETTER CLUB that I mentioned earlier. Your monthly access to our exclusive NEWSLETTER CLUB will allow you:
  • to access our NEWSLETTER CLUB members site - (coming soon)
  • to download access to each current issue of the HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ every month,
  • to access the replay mp3 files for all Newsletter Master Class calls,
  • to access all training tools, samples and videos provided to make using your HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ easier than you could ever imagine,
  • and (if interest warrants) we'll even provide a members forum where you can share your ideas, suggestions, promotions, results and questions with your other fellow NEWSLETTER CLUB members! - at no charge!

You’ll see a link at the bottom of this page where you can sign-up for your very own first month’s edition of our done-for-you HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ and you’ll also notice we're only charging a measly $1 for your first month test drive of the newsletter and access to all of the other NEWSLETTER CLUB bonuses and benefits listed above.

Most people will say "Wow thank you, that's an incredible offer!" and sign up right away so they don't miss out... and I'll bet you're in that boat.

Inevitably, however, someone will be put off by the fact that we're charging a buck for the first month trial and then call us up to complain so I thought I would address that here. The fact is there are several reasons for the $1 fee, but the main one is, nothing we get in life for free holds any perceived value - in our opinion. So if you really feel this newsletter is something you need to start your Client Retention & Recession Rescue Plan, then $1 will more than certainly not make or break your decision.

Heck at $1 it actually costs us money with our merchant account, but it’s the mindset of what you are doing and what you are investing in that holds the value to this decision.

After your trial is up, you'll be happy to know we've been able to get the monthly subscription and membership rate down to an industry low $67 / month. And you won't have to sign up again to maintain your full access at this rate. Simply, on or about the 20th of each month your membership fee will be processed automatically and you will get an email letting you know that the next months issue is uploaded, ready and waiting for you.  

And of course there are NO contracts to sign and NO tiny print mumbo-jumbo.  If you find that you are just not interested in growing a strong, profitable and stable client base through the proven power of relationship building client newsletters then you'll be free to cancel your subscription and membership at any time by simply sending us an email or calling our office. As I said earlier there is no underlying agenda here.  We're doing this to help make your business and the entire industry stronger and healthier -  That’s it!

Point being, we think we have found a fair monthly value for our exclusive HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ program. And when factor in all of the support and bonuses we're providing, the fact that it set up to be a simple download, a few short minutes of to personalize and costs us all considerably less then any other newsletter on the market ... I think we have a winner!!

But you've heard enough of me now, I'll let these others do the talking...

Here's What Some Of Your Fellow Franchisees and Colleagues
Are Saying About Us and Our Newsletter Club Program ...


We have found the Newsletters to be almost effortless!

We started using the Newsletter Club in August. After 15 years as a Chem-Dry operator, we did maintain a certain level of mail outs - ie yearly Winter White Post cards, follow up surveys, and sparatic "specials". I realized that we were sitting on our most valuable source for new work...old customers! So, one of my goals once our last child entered school in September, was to step up our marketing, a notch or three.

We have found the Newsletters to be almost effortless. The content is well put togeather, timely and a good read. Now for the interesting part...our sales for the first 3 quarters of 2009 were down by 9.5%, but our sales for the last quarter, where we introduced the Newsletter are up by 6% over the same period in 2008?!?!?! ...the bottom line is the only thing we did differently is send out your newletter.

So are we going to continue...you bet!

Lisa & Steve
Business Owners, Edmonton Alberta


The Results Of This Are Amazing!

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to send you a quick shout out about the newsletters and how effective they have become... the results of this are amazing. Because we live is a relatively small market our clientele is limited, but that has not made a difference.

Thanks for this amazing resource.

Jeff Crozier
Rocky Mountain Carpet Cleaning


The newsletter has become one of the primary ways we keep ourselves in the minds of the customers in our database.

In the economic crunch we’ve been facing lately post cards just aren’t getting the response we need to keep our schedule full. We recognize a need to develop new ways to advertise our business. The newsletter has become one of the primary ways we keep ourselves in the minds of the customers in the database.

Pam says the design is so simple that even Roy, as inept around a computer as he is, can edit, tweak it and get it prepared for the printer.

It’s inexpensive to produce and people are calling us because they received the newsletter!

Thanks Guys!

Roy Wood
Westland Facility Services


The Business It Has Generated Is Remarkable!

Dear John,

When I first started my business more than four years ago, I was, through my previous work experience, well aware of the impact newsletters can have on a business. So of course when I started one of the first marketing tools I developed was a newsletter. Having written and shopped two manuscripts around, I thought I as pretty good with the written word. Once a month I would scour the internet for great articles, stories, and quotes, add my own touch and put it all together and after a week of hard work, I’d send it out to my customers. Business picked up and that week’s work on the newsletter became homework, done at night after dinner. Then business picked up some more and it became a quarterly newsletter. It had now become more than a week of hard work after dinner to get it together, off to the printer and out to my customers.

Now back to that “I’m a pretty good with the written word.” With all my hard work, all my creative and imaginative prose, well positioned promotions, and lovely pictures, I was getting some response back and some of my customers were actually using my promotions, tips & recipes, but no where near as many as I had envisioned while sweating over the keyboard.

A few months ago Shawn and John approached some of us with the idea of joining them in using a newsletter that was not only professionally done, current, and relevant, but easily customized as well.

One look at the newsletter convinced me!

Now once a month I download a professionally researched, well written newsletter. I customize it to reflect my company and my customers and I have it out to the printer within half an hour. The response from my customers to the newsletter has been very rewarding, and the business it has generated is remarkable.

Newsletters are the one marketing item none of us should or can afford to be without. Shawn and John have provided a remarkable and useful tool that should be in the arsenal of every business out there.

I am extremely happy I am part of this venture and intend to use it for a great many years to come.

Best Regards

Robert M McLeod
President, EKO Carpet & Upholstery Care

So, let me recap everything that you get with your HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ subscription...



HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™ - Our monthly newsletter with 4 pages of customer-loving content, contests and psychologically positioned involvement devices

$97  $67  

Newsletter Master Class Call Series

      $47 ea.

Replay Audio of Newsletter Master Class Tele-Coaching Call Series

     $27 ea. 

SPECIAL tele-seminar: "Everything You Need to Know to get your Client Newsletter out in 15 min / month (or less)!"


SPECIAL REPORT: Newsletter Inserts That Sellincluding tips on how, when and why to use inserts – heck we even include some of our best performers as samples!!


SPECIAL REPORT:Killer Copywriting Techniques  - How to Write Copy That Sells”


PRIVATE Mastermind Q & A Sessions: join in with your fellow “Newsletter Club” franchisees to share interesting and unique uses for maximizing your HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS - client newsletter



Over $440


That’s right – you get all the content, coaching, and newsletter templates and more - all for only $97... $67 / monthly - and only if you choose to continue after your $1 Test Drive! Now that truly is the definition of Done-For-You and No Hassle!

Ask yourself this,
  • How much time would you have to save?
  • How many customers would have to book sooner than they otherwise would have?
  • How many clients would have to refer you to their friends and family just because you are constantly kept top-of-mind month in and month out?
...how many would have to do any of these things to make this investment pay off huge?

I’d say not too many!

I thought of offering this unique opportunity to other business owners. I figured if I had access to such a great newsletter that I knew was keeping our database secure from our competitors, getting our clients to refer us much more often and buying from us much more often... then this was something I should share!

To be honest, it took some convincing for me to get my head around why all of my hard work should be shared to the world as a whole - at such a low cost!

And Frankly - My Newsletter Is One Of The
Best Database Retention Tools I Have!

So basically, the way I see it, you have 2 options:

  1. Don’t do anything, and watch Stanley Steemer, ZeroRez or whoever slowly takes over your customers and your database, because they understand the value of their customers. Watch your bank account dwindle as you waste money, chasing around new ads, trying to get new customers.


  2. Spend a $1 and get a sample newsletter, market to your database each and every month, get your customers buying more often, get them buying more services, get them referring you a lot more and keep your fence around your biggest asset…Your Database!
I could and I know John would for sure tell you tons and tons more reasons why newsletter marketing is not just a good idea but an absolute must for any business. So before we have all the businesses we need to make this program economical for us all, you should think clearly and fast, or someone else just might be putting a fence around your customers.

To Your Success,

John Clendenning

Fellow Service Business Owner and
Founder of VIP Consulting Group Inc.

P.S.  Remember, this is the introductory price of this program. After the introductory period is over (that could be this week or even today) we may raise the price to the normal price of $97 so make sure to "lock in" the lowest price this will ever be offered at by registering today!

P.P.S. Special Bonus, once you've registered for your $1 trial, we're going to give you access to download a very special ebook we've written called "Killer Copywriting Techniques"  This document was only ever release at a live event we hosted that participants paid upwards of $1397 to attend.  We have literally spent tens of thousands of dollars learning these techniques and have used them to test, tweak and adapted all of our marketing messages in our businesses. Obviously the message you convey, and the manner in which you do it, increases or decreases your business sales. This report guides you to a better understanding of what you need to say in your message, how you need to say it and to who you should say it to!

P.P.P.S. Beware of cheap imitations with zero support. There is only one Chem-Dry NEWSLETTER CLUB and HAPPY & HEALTHY HOME NEWS™. No one that we have seen has taken the time or effort to craft a client newsletter that fits our audience better. The reason none of the other higher priced options work is none of them have the calibre or writer we've hired, the been-there-done-that in the trenches support that we can provide and the ease of use automation that we felt was mandatory to make sure they go out simply and consistently every month.  Don't use any other tool... Leave the overpriced knock offs for your competitors while you rake in all the profits!

 P.P.P.P.S. Keep in mind,
if you find that you are just not interested in growing a strong, profitable and stable client base through the proven power of relationship building client newsletters then you're free to cancel your subscription and membership at any time.  You have no risk so click below to register now.

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